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How to Beat the Corona Virus

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Beat Virus

Nowadays many countries in the world have found cases of the Novel Corona virus and spread quickly. 

To prevent the virus, there are many Tips:

1.Don’t gather in the public, and don’t participate in the party recently

2.Do the accurate testing if possible, do quarantine if had fever or cough.

3.Wash hands often with disinfectant or soap, especially after we cough or sneeze.

4.Do some exercise regularly, it’s not only help us keep fit but also improve our health against disease.

5. Eat more fruit and vegetable to keep ourselves fit and strong

6.Open the Window, keep the air in the room fresh

If we all do these things, we will prevent the Corona virus. So there is no need to be worried.  

As the saying goes, one side has difficulties and all the sides supports. Thanks all the customers

and friends who help us when  the Corona virus broke-out in China in end of January and the early 

of February. Here we specially thanks Mr Francisco and Mr David. Thanks so much. Now China has basically controlled well the corona virus. And all the factories resumed, and turned to regular. Everything is getting better and better. These days China government donate many medical and protective supplies to some serious epidemic countries. VPC also want to make a small contribution to feedback the new and old customers, It’s referred to the Board of Directors, VPC will donate some masks and protective supplies who really in need, just contact us !

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