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ITV Series DC24V Regulator Electric Proportional Valve

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Series ITV electro-pneumatic and electronic vacuum regulators control air/vacuum pressure steplessly in proportion to an electric signal. They are light weight in design with a bright and easy to read LED display. The monitor output is available either as analog output or switch output.
  • ITV2050

  • VPC Pneumatic

  • 8481802190

Preotection class:
Power consumption:
Pressure range:
Available port size:

Product Description

■ Product Feature

1) Electric proportional mode, realizing non-pole control of outlet pressure. 

2) It can realize remote control and program control. 

3) Compared with intermittent control, the system is simplified and the components are greatly reduced. 

4) Compared with hydraulic proportional valve, small volume, light weight, compact structure, lightweight, low cost, but the response speed is much slower than the hydraulic system, more sensitive to load changes. 

5) Low power consumption: less than 4W (communication form). 

6) No fire, no pollution.It is less affected by temperature change.


proportional pneumatic valve

proportional solenoid valve smc

Product Specifications

■ Specification

Min. supply pressureSet pressure +0.1MPa
Max. supply pressure0.2MPa1.0MPa
Set pressure range0.005 to 0.1MPa0.005 to 0.5MPa0.005 to 0.9MPa
Power supplyVoltage24VDC±10%,12 to 15VDC
Current consumption

Power supply voltage 24 VDC type: 0.12 A or less

Power supply voltage 12 to 15 VDC type: 0.18 A or less

Input signalCurrent type*1)4 to 20 mADC,0 to 20 mADC(Sink type)
Voltage type0 to 5 VDC,0 to 10 VDC
Preset input

4 points (Negative common), 16 points (No common polarity)

Input impedanceCurrent type250Ω or less*5)
Voltage typeApprox.6.5kΩ
Preset input

Power supply voltage 24 VDC type: Approx. 4.7 kΩ

Power supply voltage 12 VDC type: Approx. 2.0 kΩ

Output signal*2)

(Monitor output)

Analog output

1 to5 VDC (Output impedance: Approx. 1 kΩ)

4 to 20 mADC (Sink type) (Output impedance: 250 kΩ or less)

Output accuracy±6% F.S. or less

swtich outputNPN open collector output: Max. 30 V, 80 mA

PNP open collector output: Max. 80 mA

Linearity±1% F.S. or less
Hysteresis0.5% F.S. or less
Repeatability±0.5% F.S. or less
Sensitivity0.2% F.S. or less
Temperature characteristics±0.12%F.S./℃ or less
Output pressure display*3)Accuracy
±2%F.S.±1 digit or less
Min.unitMPa: 0.001,  kgf/cm2: 0.01, bar: 0.01,  psi: 0.1*4),  kPa: 1
Ambient and fluid temperature0 to 50℃ (No condensation)


*1) 2-wire type DC4 to 20mA is not available. Power supply voltage(DC24V or DC12 to 15V) is required.

*2) Select either analog output or switch output. Further, when switch output is selected, select either NPN output or PNP output.

 When measuring ITV analog output from DC1 to 5V, if the load impedance is less than 100kΩ, the analog output

 monitor accuracy of within ±6% (full span) may not be available. The product with an accuracy of within ±6% 

 is supplied upon your request. Output pressure remains unaffected.

*3) Adjustment of numerical values such as the zero/span adjustment or preset input type is set based on the min.

 units for output pressure display(e.g. 0.001 to 0.500MPa). Note that the unit cannot be changed.

*4) The min. unit for 0.9MPa(130psi) types is 1psi.

*5) Value for the state with no over current circuit included. If an allowance is provided for an over current circuit, the input

 impedance varies depending on the input current. This is 350Ω or less for an input current of DC20mA.

*6) The ITV1000 series is a grease-free specification(parts in contact with fluid).

*7) The above characteristics are confined to the static state. When air is consumed on the output side, the pressure may fluctuate.

Product Dimensions

■ Main Dimensions

proportional regulatoritv regulator

ep regulator

proportional solenoid valve smc

smc itv

smc electronic pressure regulator


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