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Liquid Filling Machine Troubleshooting

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Like any other type of machinery, automatic liquid filling equipment is prone to wear and tear and potential breakdowns. If you want to keep your equipment in good condition, you need to check it regularly and fix problems promptly so they don't hinder the work of your entire production line. There are several specific types of problems that can affect the operation of automatic liquid filling machines.

automatic filling machine

Inflexible pneumatic cylinder action, slow speed


① low air pressure in the metering cylinder.

② Leakage of filling system air circuit.

③ Damage to the air source treatment.


① Adjust the pressure reducing valve of the multifunctional filling machine to keep the air pressure at 0.6Mpa*.

②Check the air pipeline to make it sealed.

③ Replace the air source treatment.

*This data is for reference only, different types of filling machine air pressure adjustment data will vary.

vfc-10 air flite regulator


●The VFC air source treatment consisted of VFR air regulator filter and VL air Lubricator each unit can be ordered separately.

●The VF air filter with water separator cleans the compressed air of fluid oil,condensation and dirt particles.For special application,20μm filter element can be replaced a by 5 μ m filter element.

●The VR Air regulator maintains a constant operating pressure despite fluctuations in line pressure and the amount of air consumed.

If open the injection switch does not fill the material, but the time relay digital LED indicator flashing

Check whether there is no air pressure or pressure is too low, if the air pressure meets the requirements (4-6Kg/cm2)*, perhaps the pneumatic solenoid valve coil is damaged or pneumatic spool is stuck by the dust, can turn off the power, turn over the board, use the object to rotate or press the button next to the corresponding solenoid valve coil, if the valve can change direction action, that is, the pneumatic solenoid valve coil is damaged, if can not change direction, the valve spool is stuck, you can replace the pneumatic solenoid valve coil or disassemble the valve for correction.

*This data is for reference only, different types of filling machine air pressure adjustment data will vary.

3V210 3/2 Way pneumatic solenoid valve


● Structure in sliding column mode, good tightness and sensitive reaction.

● Double control solenoid valves have memory function.

● Internal hole adopts special processing technology which has little attrition friction, low start pressure and long service life.

● No need to add oil for lubrication.

● Affiliated manual devices are equipped to facilitate installation and debugging.

● Several standard voltage grades are optional.

● Integrate with the manifold to save installation space.

 The reason and solution of the filling machine filling volume is not accurate or not discharged

1. Whether the pneumatic speed throttle valve and filling interval throttle valve is closed, the pneumatic speed throttle valve must be open.

Pneumatic One-way Throttle Valve


Small and compact structure.

Allows air to exhaust and cut off air flow. The adjustment screw is both sensitive and precise.

2.Is there any foreign matter in the 3 way pneumatic solenoid valve, if there is, please clean up. Whether there is air inside the pipe of the 3 way pneumatic solenoid valve and filling head, if yes, try to cut or sweep out the air.

3.Check all seals for damage, replace with new ones if any damaged.

4.Filling machine nozzle valve spool whether there is a jam or delayed opening, if any jam, to install the spool from a new good orientation. If delayed opening, need to adjust the compact cylinder and throttle valve.

SDA Series Pneumatic Compact Cylinder


●The inner diameter of the cylinder body is treated with rolling followed by the treatment of hard anodizing, forming an excellent abrasion resistance and durability.

●The seal of piston adopts heterogeneous two-way seal structure. It has compact dimension and the function of grease reservation.

●There are magnetic switch slots around the cylinder body, which is convenient to install sensor switch.

●Mounting accessories with various specification are optional.

5.The up and down spring elasticity of three way pneumatic solenoid valve is whether normal, if the elastic force is too large, the check valve will not work.

6.Due to the metering cylinder descending too fast, rushing through the travel stop in control valve, resulting in filling speed too fast. Make the metering cylinder return to the position, adjust the filling machine refueling speed throttle valve, to the cylinder descending speed is appropriate.

7.Do all clamps and air hose buckles seal well, and fix any problems.

8.Whether the magnetic switch is loose or not, fix the magnetic switch after  adjustment.

9.Check whether there are foreign objects in the angle seat valve resulting to jam, the angle seat valve switch is not tightly closed will lead to fluid leakage, if there should be immediately cleaned.

VPCP15 pneumatic angle set valve


The pneumatically operated angle seat valve with stainless steel actuators fulfills the demands of tough process environments. Unrivalled life time and sealing integrity is guaranteed by the trusted self-adjusting spindle sealing. The stainless steel actuator has been designed for tough applications. Laser welding ensures it is both cleanable and robust. With a ducted exhaust air port, the actuator can be operated isolated from the environment to guarantee an optimum life time and hygiene. High flow rates are attained with the optimised stainless steel angle seat body.  All wetted parts comply with the EC Directive 1935/2004, variants with FDA conformity are available on request, also explosion proof variants are available.

10.Regular cleaning and inspection of the solenoid valve, pneumatic muffler, PU tube, if there is damage to replace in time.

After finding out the cause of the failure can do appropriate maintenance, if the filling machine injection is not evenly, the end of the fittings are tightened, there is a air leaking, need to further screwing can be if the machine rotation is normal, but no dispensing liquid discharge. First of all, check the 3 way pneumatic valve inside the foreign body, if there should be immediately cleaned; check whether the solenoid valve is wrongly placed in the upper and lower two thimbles, the correct method should be the two thimbles are pointed down, not installed in reverse.

automatic filling machine-5

If there is a serious failure of the filling machine please contact a professional engineer in time, if you need to replace one of the pneumatic components welcome to contact us, we will have a professional technical team to provide you with the best automated filling machine solutions.

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