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MI Series Stainless Steel Mini Cylinder European Standards Small Bore

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  1. Mini cylinder that has compact structure, small volume and light weight.
  2. The guide precision of piston rod is high and no additiona lubricant is needed.
  3. Piston rod stainless steel barrel make the cylinder adapt general corrosive working environment.
  4. There are cylinders and accessories with several specifications for installation for your choice.
  5. It has small cylinder diameter and quick reaction, suitable for the working environment with higher frequency.
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  • VPC Pneumatic
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Product Description

Product Feature

MI Series stainless steel tube, pneumatic cylinders are available in 8 and 40mm bore sizes with stroke lengths from 10mm to 250mm. Available in 3 mounting types for versatility. Auto switches are available in band and rail mounting types.

1. In accordance with ISO6432 standard.

2. Front and back cover owns fixed bumper pad which can reduce the impact of direction-change of the cylinder.

3. There are several mode of back cover, which makes the installation of cylinder more convenient.

4. Front and back cover and stainless steel block adopt riveted rolling packed structure to form a reliable connection.

5. Piston rod and cylinder body with the material of stainless steel make the cylinder adapt general working environment with corrosivity.

6. There are cylinders and accessories with several specifications for installation for your choice.


Mini air cylinder symbol

ISO6431 Cylinder

Product Specifications

Acting typeDouble acting, Single spring extend, Single acting spring return
Working mediumClean air(40μm Filteration)
Pressure rangeDouble acting0.05 to 0.7Mpa
Single acting0.2 to 0.7Mpa
Guaranteed pressure1.5Mpa
Working temperature-5 to 70℃
Speed range50 to 750mm/s



MIC Series: Adjustable cushion   Other series:Anti-bump series
MaterialStainless steel tube
Port sizeM5X0.8

Main Dimensions

ISO6432 cylinderstainless steel cylinder dimensions

Product FAQ

Q1. What is the ISO standard for the pneumatic cylinder?

The ISO 6432 cylinder standard refers to the dimensions of the basic product and the size of the cylinder when mountings and accessories are applied.

Q2. What is stroke size in pneumatic cylinder?

The cylinders are available in bores of 8, 10, 12, 16, 20, 25, 32 and 40 mm, with stroke lengths from 10 mm to 500mm. Single-acting cylinders with spring return in the retract direction are available in stroke lengths up to 40 mm.

Q3. How do I increase the pressure in my pneumatic cylinder?

Another way to increase or decrease the forces generated by the cylinder is to choose a cylinder with either a more significant (Greater force) or smaller (Less force) diameter. Remember, the larger the diameter, the greater the surface area of the piston, and the greater the pressure.

Q4. How do you adjust air cylinder speed?

When the cylinder piston extends, the air behind it is compressed because air can't escape easily. When you tighten the flow control screw, the movement of the piston slows down because air is restricted even further. Controls the speed of a cylinder or restricts air flow. Simply turn the needle valve to adjust air speed.

Q5. How do you calculate pneumatic cylinder force?

Use the cylinder diameter (d) to calculate the cylinder working area (A), which is A = π × d² / 4.

Determine the working pressure (P) inside the cylinder.

Multiply the pressure (P) by the area (A). In that way, you calculate the pneumtaic cylinders theory push force (F), F = P × A.

pneumatic cylinder force calculator

Q6. Do you sell pneumatic cylinder repair kits?

Yes, we sell all types of cylinder repair kits and other accessories. Please get in touch with us if you need any!


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