OL Series Lubricator

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O Series Air service units can maintain steady of the pneumatic system pressure by air regulator,avoid the sudden change of air source pressure to do harm to the pneumatic system components. Filter can be clean the air source,separate the water and other impurity from the air source,thus improve the qaulity of air medium effectly.Lubricator supply lubricant to the pneumatic system to keep system working smooth,significantly extend the service life cycle of pneumatic system components.
  • VPC Pneumatic
  • 8421399000
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Product Description

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Product Specifications

Specification MINI MIDI MAXI
Port Size G1/8" G1/4" G3/8" G3/8" G1/2" G3/4" G3/4" G1"
Material Information Housing:Zinc die-casting,Filter bowl and oil:Polycarbonate,Metal bowl guard:Aluminum Alloy,Sealing:NBR,Adjusting knob:POM
Working Medium Clean air
Max Working Pressure 1.6Mpa
Mounting Type Pipe mountin or leg mounting
Assembly Position ±5°
Medium Temperature -10 to 60℃
Ambient Temperature -10 to 60℃
Recommended Oil Turbine No1 Oil ISOVG32
Features of Structure The direct constant-density lubricator
Min Standard Nominal Flow Rate 3L/Min 6L/min 10L/min
Capacity of Condensate Fluid 22ml 43ml 80ml
Max Capacity of Cup 45ml 110ml 190ml
Precision 40um/5um
Weight 270g 630g 1100g 1200g

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