RE Series Flow Control Valve

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  • Small and compact structure.
  • Allows air to exhaust and cut off air flow. The adjustment screw is both sensitive and precise;
  • Can be mounted in various position to facilitate installation and application.
  • RE-02
  • VPC Pneumatic
  • 8412909000
Working medium:
Working pressure:
Working temperature:
Body Material:
Acting type:

Product Description

pneumatic flow control valve symbol

Product Specifications

ModelRE-01RE-02RE-03 RE-04
Working MediumClean air(40μm Filteration)
Acting typeExternal control
Working Pressure0 to 1.0Mpa
Working Temperature0 to 60℃
Joint SizeG1/8"G1/4"G3/8"G1/2"

Main Dimensions

pneumatic flow control valve dimensions

Model A B C D E F G
RE-01 45 19 43 50 Φ19 M14×1 G1/8
RE-02 45 19 43 50 Φ19 M14×1 G1/4
RE-03 55 25 55 62 Φ25 M18×1 G3/8
RE-04 55 25 55 62 Φ25 M18×1 G1/2