V Series Manifold Valve

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  • Pilot-oriented mode:Internal pilot or external pilot;
  • Special customized Mitsubishi seals ,zero leakage and sensitive reaction;
  • Internal hole adopts special processing technology which has little atrition friction,service life 15,000,0000+ times;
  • It is available to form integrated valve group with the base to save installation space;
  • Several standard voltage grades are optional;
  • DIN connector coil and flying lead type coil are optional.
  • 100/200/300/400 Series
  • VPC Pneumatic
  • 8412909000
Working medium:
Working pressure:
Max pressure:
Working temperature:
Stations No:

Product Description

4Vmanifold 参数

Product Specifications

Model100 Series200 Series300 Series400 Series
Working mediumClean air
Working pressure0.15 to 0.9Mpa
Max pressure1.5Mpa
Working temperature-20 to 70℃ 

Application scope

4V100 Series 4V200 Series 4V300 Series 4V400 Series 
4A100 Series 4A200 Series 4A300 Series 4A400 Series 


Corresponding Application

Valve model

4V110 Series /4V120 Series /4V130 Series 4V210 Series /4V220 Series /4V230 Series 4V310 Series /4V320 Series /4V330 Series 4V410 Series /4V420 Series /4V430 Series 
4A110 Series /4A120 Series /4A130 Series 4A210 Series /4A220 Series /4A230 Series4A310 Series /4A320 Series /4A330 Series4A410 Series /4A420 Series /4A430 Series
Manifold model100M-NF(N≤16)200M-NF(N≤16)300M-NF(N≤12)400M-NF(N≤7)

Main Dimensions

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