VL Series Lubricator

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The direct constant-density lubricator and regulator quantity oil to the compressed air. A valve maintains oil mist content proportional to the compressed oil flow.The pressure drop that occurs when the air flow through a sight feed oil cup delivers oil from the bowl to the sight oil indicator.The drop of the oil flows into the air channel when it is atomized.The oil drip rate is controlled by means of the regulating screw. Normally,1 to 12drops/1000L of the air is sufficient.
  • VL400-08
  • VPC Pneumatic
  • 8421399000
Working medium:
Working temperature:
Pressure adjusting range:
Filter precision:
Bowl material:

Product Description

VL-Orde code

Product Specifications


Working mediumAir
Joint pipe borePS1/8"PS1/4"PS1/4"PS3/8"PS1/2"PS3/4"
Pressure range0.15 to 0.8MPa/0.15 to 1.6MPa(20 to 145Psi)
Proof pressure1.0Mpa/1.6MPa(230Psi)
Temperature5 to 60℃
Oil bowl capacity15cc80cc230cc
Recommend LubricantISO VG 32 or equivalent

Main Dimensions

VL-Main Dimensions