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ZSE40A(F) Series 2 Colour Display High Precision Digital Pressure Switch ZSE40A(F) Series 2 Colour Display High Precision Digital Pressure Switch


ZSE40A(F) Series 2 Colour Display High Precision Digital Pressure Switch

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1. ZSE40A(F)/ISE40A series is a 2-color display high-precision digital pressure switch offering compatibility with both compressed air and non-corrosive liquids. 
2. Z/ISE40 is for vacuum, positive and compound pressure. Can copy to up to 10 switches simultaneously, simpler setting and easier operation. The 4-digit display allows easy reading of displayed values. 
3. Z/ISE40 is UL/CSA, CE, and RoHS compliant.
  • ZSE40A

  • VPC Pneumatic

  • 8481804090

Working medium:
Rated pressure range:

Product Description

 Product Feature

1. 2-Color Display.

2. Power-saving.

3. Secret code setting function, designated operator while the keys are locked.

4. Resolution conversion function. The flickering on the display can be eliminated.

5. Vacuum, compound and/or positive pressure can be displayed in MPa or kPa.

ZSE40 ISE40A Digital Pressure Switch

Product Specification




(Vacuum pressure) 


(Compound pressure)


(Positive pressure)

Rated pressure range 0.0 to -101.3 kPa  -100.0 to 100.0kPa  -0.1 to 1.0MPa
Display/Set pressure range  10.0 to -105.0kPa  -105.0 to 105.0kPa -0.105 to 1.05MPa
Withstand pressure 500kPa 500kPa 1.5MPa
Display/Minimum unit setting 0.1kPa 0.1kPa  0.001MPa 
Working medium Filtered air, Non-corrosive gas / Non-flammable gas
Power supply voltage

DC12 to 24 V±10%, Ripple (p-p) 10% or less

 (with power supply polarity protection)

Current consumption 45mA or less
Switch output

  NPN or PNP open collector 1 output or 2 outputs

Max. load current  80mA
Max. applied voltage
28V (at NPN output)
Residual voltage 1V or less
Response time 2.5ms (with anti-chattering function: 20, 100, 500, 1000, 2000 ms)
Short circuit protection Yes
Repeatability ±0.2% F.S. ±1 digit
Hysteresis Hysteresis mode Variable (0 or above) *1)
Window comparator mode
Analog output Voltage output*2)

Output voltage

(Rated pressure)

1 to 5V ±2.5% F.S.  0.6 to 5V ±2.5% F.S.
Linearity  ±1% F.S. 
Output impedance Approx. 1 kΩ



Output voltage

(Rated pressure)

4 to 20mA ±2.5% F.S. 2.4 to 20mA ±2.5% F.S.
Linearity  ±1% F.S.
Load impedance Maximum load impedance: 300Ω(Power supply voltage 12V) 

                                           : 600Ω(Power supply voltage 24V) 

Minimum load impedance: 50Ω 

Auto-shift input Non-voltage input (Reed or Solid state), Low level: 0.4V or less, 5 ms or longer input

3 1/2-digit, 7-segment, 2-color LCD (Red/Green)

Display accuracy  ±2% F.S. ±1 digit (Ambient temperature of 25 ±3℃)
Indicator light Lights up when switch output is turned ON.OUT1, OUT2: Orange
Environment Enclosure IP65
Working  temperature range

Operation: -5 to 50°C, Storage:-10 to  60°C (No condensation or freezing)

Ambient humidity range Operation/Storage: 35 to 85% RH (No condensation)
Withstand voltage AC 1000V for 1 minute between terminals and housing
Insulation resistance

50 MΩor more (500 VDC measured via megohmmeter) between terminals and housing

Temperature characteristic ±2% F.S. (25℃ reference) 
Lead wire with connector

Oilproof heavy-duty vinyl cable, 5 cores 

Φ3.5, 2m Conductor area: 0.15mm² (AWG26), Insulator O.D.: 0.95mm 

Standards CE/RoHS, UL/CSA 

*1) If applied pressure fluctuates near the set value, set the hysteresis above the fluctuation range to prevent chattering. 

*2) When analog voltage output is selected, analog current output cannot be used together. 

*3) When analog current output is selected, analog voltage output cannot be used together. 

*4) UL temperature rating: The maximum ambient temperature is 50.

 Analogue Output

ZSE40A vacuum pressure switch

Main Dimensions

Digital Pressure Switch


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