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What is a pneumatic slide cylinder?

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The slide table cylinder is a precision slide table integrated with guides and rails combined with cross roller bearings to isolate the load bearing from the movement of the dual rods and piston seals. Rubber bumpers or shock absorbers stop the slide table and can be paired with a stroke adjuster for precise positioning; available for extend, retract, or both ends in ranges of 0-5 mm, 0-15 mm and 0-25 mm. The end lock option prevents the slide table from dropping in vertical applications, enhancing safety in the event of air pressure loss.

Slide table cylinder working principle is that the cylinder loads the slide to do linear reciprocating motion, and the stroke of the pushing depends on the length of the guide rod. According to the size of the force required for the work to determine the thrust and pull force on the guide rod. Generally used in printing, semiconductor, automation control, robotics and other industries.

VPC's MXS slide cylinder as an example


•Compact structure, save installation space;

• Compact integration of workpiece mounting table + cylinder, suitable for precision assembly;

• High precision, optional with adjustable stroke device;

• High guiding accuracy, anti-torque, strong load capacity;

• Processing positioning pin hole, screw holes for workpiece installation, using the thread bushing will cause thread strengthening

• The body’s side is equipped with a magnetic switch setting with grooves, the magnetic switch will be no convex.

• The adopt of double cylinders structure, get twice the output force

• Processing of the positioning pin hole, the main body installation screw hole can be installed from 3 directions

pneumatic slide cylinder
pneumatic slide table cylinder

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