MAL Series Aluminum Mini Cylinder

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  • The front and rear covers of the MAL Mini Air Cylinder body are treated by anodic hard oxidation, not only has corrosion resistance, but also the appearance is more compact and exqusite .
  • There is a permanent magnet on the cylinder piston, which can trigger the induction switch installed on the cylinder to sense the position of the MAL Mini Air Cylinder.
  • MAL
  • VPC Pneumatic
  • 8412310090
Working medium:
Working temperature:
Working pressure:
Speed range:

Product Description


Product Specifications

     Bore(mm)           16           20            25           32            40
    Acting type               MAL、MALD、MALJ Series:Double acting; MSAL、MATL Series:Single acting
     Working              medium                                                       Clean air(40μm Filteration)
  Mounting type                                    MAL、MSAL、MATL Series:Basic type LB FA SDB; 

                                             MALD、MALJ Series:Basic type LB FA

      Working pressure range                   MAL、MALD、MALJ Series:0.1~0.9Mpa; MSAL、MATL Series:0.2~0.9Mpa
   Guaranteed          pressure                                                                      1.5Mpa
      Working           temperature                                                                  -5~70Celsius
   Speed range                                  MAL Series:30~800mm/s; Other Series:50~800mm/s
      Port size        M5X0.8                                         G1/8          G1/4

Main Dimensions