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  • Liquid Filling Machine Troubleshooting

    Like any other type of machinery, automatic liquid filling equipment is prone to wear and tear and potential breakdowns. If you want to keep your equipment in good condition, you need to check it regularly and fix problems promptly so they don't hinder the work of your entire production line.

  • VPC Pneumatic Components in the Bottle Blowing Machines

    VPC Pneumatic part is used in many places during the operation of blow molding machine, from feeding - locking - stretching - high pressure blowing-deflation - taking the bottle, this series of actions are all assisted by pneumatic equipment.

  • How to Beat the Corona Virus

    VPC will donate some masks and protective supplies who really in need

  • China Refueling

    China now most of the cities are safe, only a few cities have the virus, but the government has taken effective measures to quarantine the virus infection, believe that will soon be back to normal

  • We will participate in The 23rd China International Industry Fair in 2021.

    We will participate in The 23rd China International Industry Fair in 2021. Date:December 1-5. 2021 Add: National Exhibition and Convention Center (Shanghai) Our Booth No.: C047 in 5.1H Hall If you will be there, we can meet in our booth

  • VPC Pneumatic are aimed at manufacturing the good quality with innovative idea

    As far as quality control is concerned, we provide regular management training programs for employees to improve their awareness of proper quality control system, meanwhile enhance their operation effectiveness. From raw material to finally packaging, there are more than 30 processes.we take serious

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