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What are the types of pneumatic gripper and use for?

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Pneumatic gripper, also known as pneumatic finger gripper, is a transmission mechanism connected to the piston rod of the cylinder. The working principle of the pneumatic gripper is to use compressed air as a driving force to drive the claw finger to translate in a straight line or open and close around a certain fulcrum point to clamp or release the actuator of the workpiece, so as to achieve various actions of the manipulator.

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In the automation system, the pneumatic holder gripper is used in the handling, transferring workpiece mechanism to grasp, pick and place objects. Its main role is to replace the human gripping work, which can effectively improve productivity and work safety.

Pneumatic finger cylinders are mainly used in robots, automobiles, molding machines, rubber and plastic machinery, conveying equipment, packaging machinery, food, medical, chemical, robotics, automated gripping and other equipment manufacturing industries.

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Pneumatic gripper types are parallel grippers, swing air grippers, rotary air grippers, three-jaw grippers, four-finger grippers, bellows grippers, o-ring grippers, needle grippers, multi-finger and adaptive grippers. The MHZ2 series parallel air grippers are the most widely used. The front end of the cylinder finger can be fitted with a dust cover (MHZJ2 series). The dust shield is available in three materials: neoprene, fluoroelastomer and silicone rubber, which can be selected according to the application. The air jaws with dust cover are suitable for dusty and chip-rich environments and food processing machines, avoiding the effect of grease dripping.

 Pneumatic Gripper Types

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1. Pneumatic Parallel Gripper

Parallel air grippers are driven by a single piston, the shaft drives the crank, and each of the two finger has a corresponding crank slot. To reduce frictional resistance, the fingers are connected to the body with a steel ball slide structure. They can handle small workpieces of various shapes and sizes and can accommodate size variations.

2. Pneumatic Angular Grippers

Pneumatic angle grippers can move their fingers radially, opening and closing around a central pivot point. They are typically used in applications where available space is limited, as the jaws can be moved up and out of the way. These grippers are ideal for holding large, oddly shaped workpieces.

3. Pneumatic Swing Gripper

The piston rod of the swing air gripper has a ring groove. Since the finger trunnions are connected to the ring groove, the fingers can be moved simultaneously and automatically aligned, and ensure that the gripping torque is ultimately constant.

4. Pneumatic Rotary Gripper

The rotary grippers work according to the engagement principle of the rack and pinion. The piston is fixed to a shaft that can be moved up and down. The shaft has three ring open slots at the end of the shaft and these slots engage with the two drive wheels. Therefore, the pneumatic fingers can be moved simultaneously and automatically aligned, and the rack and pinion principle ensures that the gripping force is always constant.

5. 3 Jaw Pneumatic Gripper

Three jaw cylindrical gripper has on the piston has a ring-shaped groove.With each crank and a finger connected, the piston movement can drive three or four crank actions. Thus, three or four fingers can be controlled to open and close at the same time.The 3-finger gripper is ideal for handling round workpieces and provides more clamping force than the 2-finger gripper.

[ Features ]

1. The cylinder body shape is the same as the free mounting cylinder, with highly flexible and multiple mounting methods.

2. Compact shape, small volume, light weight; installation methods can be loaded on other clamping or cylinder use.

3. The action mode has double-acting and single-acting, most of the structure to double-acting most, can achieve two-way gripping; can be automatically aligned, high repeatability.

4. Gripping torque is constant, to ensure the use stability.

5. The air gripper style is various, there are two jaws, three jaws, four jaws; gripping method has parallel opening and closing type, pivot point opening and closing type, cylindrical claw body and other air claw style and opening and closing form.

6. Load magnetic switch can realize the automatic control.

7. In addition to the installation of the end of the air claw, the other five surfaces are open through holes or screw holes, can be used as the installation surface.

 Gripping Force

Gripping force is the force applied to the workpiece by the gripper fingers. This force may vary depending on air pressure, friction coefficient and clamping conditions between the fingers and the workpiece. When the workpiece is not dropped during gripping, the gripping force for frictional gripped only is calculated as:

Gripping force

F = Gripping force of a single finger (N)

m= Mass of the workpiece (kg)

g = Gravitational acceleration (9.81 m/s²)

a = Acceleration from dynamic movement (m/s2)

n = Number of fingers (n=2 for two-finger gripper; n=3 for three finger gripper)

μ = Coefficient of friction

S = Safety factor

Coefficient of Friction

The following table shows the coefficient of friction for commonly used materials. Theoretical data is for reference only and is based on actual use.

Workpiece material Jaw material Friction coefficient (μ)
Steel Steel 0.25
Steel Aluminum 0.35
Steel Plastic 0.5
Aluminum Aluminum 0.49
Aluminum Plastic 0.7
Plastic Plastic 1

In addition, the safety factor is also a consideration. The above is theoretical data, and actual gripping jaw size and operational use may vary.

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