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TWH Series Stopper Cylinder, Double Acting Lever Type

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The stopper cylinder TWH is cushion rocker mechanism can gently stop the workpiece without vibration or noise. The TWM heavy duty stopper cylinder has heavy duty mounting plate, the rod/bearing design of the cylinder is specially developed to withstand side impact loads. Pneumatic stopper cylinders is designed specifically for conveyor stopping applications
  • TWH80X40SK
  • VPC Pneumatic
  • 8412310090
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Product Description

 Product Feature

1. TWH stopper cylinder thickened piston rod, can effectively improve the cylinder's ability to resist shocks.

2. Heavy-duty stopper cylinder with a fixed absorber or adjustable absorber, can reliably absorb the impact energy.

3. Lever roller structure stopper cylinder is equipped with a lock mechanism device, which can prevent the rocker arm from rebounding and pushing back the secured object.

4. Various series and specifications of pneumatic stopper cylinders are available for customers to choose from.


pneumatic stopper cylinder symbol

 Order Coder       TWH Series Stopper Cylinder

TWH   50  x  30    S  K  

① Series Code ② Bore ③ Stroke ④ Magnet ⑤ Stopper
TWH:  Double acting type
TDH: Built-in spring double acting type
TTH: Single acting-Pull type

20mm  25mm


Blank: Without magnet

S: With Magnet

L: Shockless stopper ( No-adjustable absorber )

K: Shockless stopper ( Adjustable absorber )

32mm 20mm
40mm  50mm  63mm 30mm
80mm 40mm
TWM: Double acting type

TDM: Built-in spring double acting type

TTM: Single acting-Pull type

50mm 30mm K: Shockless stopper ( Adjustable absorber )

※ When the thread is standard, the code is blank.

※ Cylinder bore 20mm, 25mm is non-adjustable absorber; above 32 is adjustable absorber.

Product Specifications

Bore (mm)2025324050638050
Working mediumClean air(40um Filteration)
Acting typeDouble acting, Single acting-pull
Working pressureDouble acting0.15 to 1.0Mpa
Single acting-pull0.25 to 1.0Mpa0.2 to 1.0Mpa
Guaranteed pressure1.5Mpa
Working temperature-20 to 70℃
Tolerance of stroke



LubricationNot required
Rod end type

Shockless stopper

( non-adjustable absorber )

Shockless stopper ( adjustable absorber )
Port sizeM5×0.5 M8×1.0

PT thread, G thread and NPT thread are available.


1. Adjustment of Shock Absorber

● The shock absorber had been adjusted before the cylinder finished .
● The client can adjust it if necessary.
● The steps are as following
   a. Loose the fixed screw.
   b. Turn the shock absorber to adjust the cushion ability.
   c. Fasten the fixed screw.

2. Multi-working Position
● If the body is fixed, just to adjust the scotch block, the working direction of the cylinder will be changed.
● For TWG series, adjusting the position of flange can be changed the working height.

3. Working Forbidden (Shock less stopper (K) )
● This function is used to cancel the stop action of the cylinder, and make the work piece pass easy.
● The steps are as following
   a. Screw off the cancel screw from the flange.
   b. Put the roller seat down.
   c. Fasten the cancel screw in the screw hole on the fixed seat and the tail of the cancel screw should be inserted in the hole made on the roller seat.

4. How to Use Stopper Function
● When the shock absorber is impacted deeply, added impact energy must be avoided. The cylinder without shock absorber can not be impacted by load, otherwise mechanical failure may be caused.
● The maximum impact kinetic energy acting on the piston rod cann't exceed the allowable maximum values, otherwise mechanical failure may be caused.

5. Self-locking
Unusually, when the stopper cylinder is operating, work piece will be rebound as the effect of shocker absorber. In order to keep the work piece steady, we have developed this self-locking device.

Main Dimensions

TWH stopper cylinder dimensions

pneumatic stopper cylinder dimensions

stopper air cylinder dimensions

Product FAQ

Q1: What is a stopper cylinder?

Pneumatic cylinders are used to stop movements in machines or workpiece carriers on transport systems with or without cushioning. Stopper cylinders with cushioning can stop loads of up to approx. 800 kg on transport systems.

Q2: What is the purpose of pneumatic cylinder?

Pneumatic cylinders, also known as pneumatic actuators, are the products used to provide linear or rotary motion and force to automated systems, machines and processes.

Q3: How do you calculate pneumatic cylinder force?

Use the cylinder diameter (d) to calculate the cylinder working area (A), which is A = π × d² / 4.

Determine the working pressure (P) inside the cylinder.

Multiply the pressure (P) by the area (A). In that way, you calculate the pneumtaic cylinders theory push force (F), F = P × A.

pneumatic cylinder force calculator


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