ACV Series Vacuum Generator

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Aluminium vacuum generator commonly used in place of vacuum pump. Vacuum is created by venturi effect, passing compressd air by an open orrifice. Medium temperature range or 0°C to 60°C. Cheaper way of creating vacuum for simple applications instead of vacuum pump.
  • ACV-15HS
  • VPC Pneumatic
  • 8481804090
Working medium:
Body material:

Product Description

Nozzle Diameter (mm)0.511.522.53
Vacuum Pressure (kPa)R (Pressure Type)-88.6-91.8-91.8-91.8-91.8-91.8
L (Flow Type)-57.2-57.2-57.2-57.2-57.2-57.2
Flow Rate (l/min)R62763110160225
Air Consumption (l/min)1344100180265385
Supply Pressure (MPa)

Main Dimensions

Units: mm


Model ACV-05 ACV-10 ACV-15 ACV-20 ACV-25 ACV-30
A 8 8 10 13 16 20
B 32 32 35 40 60 60
C 16 16 20 27 40 40
D 10 10 11 15 20 20
E Rp1/8 Rp1/8 Rp1/4 Rp1/2 Rp3/4 Rp3/4
F 14 14 20 28 20 33
G 20 20 25 32 50 50
H 4.5 4.5 5 7 5.5 5.5
I 4.2 4.2 4.5 6 6 6
L 45 45 63 85 100 118
M 14 14 17 22 26 30
P Rp1/8 Rp1/8 Rp1/4 Rp1/4 Rp3/8 Rp1/2
V Rp1/8 Rp1/8 Rp1/4 Rp3/8 Rp1/2 Rp3/4
Silencer model PSU-6 PSU-6 PSU-8 PSU-15 PSU-20 PSU-20

Tips: The performance of venturi vacuum generator

  • Exhaust and flow characteristics

Exhaust characteristics refer to the relationship between vacuum pressure, suction flow or air consumption varying with the change of air supply pressure of vacuum generator. They increase as the supply pressure increases. Flow characteristics refer to the relationship between vacuum pressure and suction flow when the supply pressure of vacuum generator is constant. Suction flow rate is the flow of air inhaled from the suction port.

  • Suction time

It refers to the time when the vacuum pressure in the vacuum suction cup reaches the required vacuum pressure or the time required when the air supply valve is switched to the vacuum pressure switch. It is related to the volume of the adsorption chamber (diffusion chamber, adsorption pipe volume and suction cup volume, etc.), the leakage of the adsorption surface and the required vacuum pressure.

  • Air consumption

The air consumption of pneumatic vacuum generator is determined by the diameter of nozzle, but it is also related to the working pressure. For the same nozzle diameter, the air consumption increases with the increase of working pressure. The nozzle diameter is the main basis for selecting a vacuum ejector. The larger the nozzle diameter, the greater the suction flow and air consumption, and the lower the vacuum pressure. The smaller the nozzle diameter, the smaller the suction flow and air consumption, but the higher the vacuum pressure.

  • vacuum pressure

There is a maximum vacuum pressure, when the maximum is exceeded, even if the working pressure is increased, the vacuum pressure will not increase but will decline. The maximum vacuum generated by the vacuum generator is -88kPa. In actual use, it is suggested that the vacuum pressure can be set at -70KPa and the working pressure is about 0.5Mpa.