CY1 Series Sine Rodless Cylinder

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When working with delicate materials such as Silicone wafers, magnetic disks, or LCD substrates, non-shock actuation must be balanced with high speed/throughput. The CY1 provides the features needed to allow rapid transfer with a speed of up to 300mm/sec but virtually eliminates shock impact. Integrated cushion spears allow smooth acceleration and deceleration, while also simplifying construction of the cylinder. Based on the magnetically coupled cylinder concept, the CY1’s resulting smooth acceleration and deceleration occurs without influence from load, speed, or even pressure fluctuations. CY1 is available in 8 bore sizes from 6mm to 63mm and strokes up to 1000mm.
  • CY1
  • VPC Pneumatic
  • 8412310090
Working medium:
Acting type:
Working temperature:
Working pressure:
Speed range:

Product Description


Product Specifications

Acting type Double acting
Working mediumClean air(40um Filteration)
Working temperature-5 to 60℃
Pressure range0.18 to 0.71Mpa
Guaranteed pressure1.05Mpa
Speed range50 to 400mm/s
Cushion type Rubber Cushion
Port sizeM5x0.8


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