ITV009 Series Compact Vacuum Regulator ITV009 Series Compact Vacuum Regulator


ITV009 Series Compact Vacuum Regulator

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ITV Series electro-pneumatic and electronic vacuum regulators control air/vacuum pressure steplessly in proportion to an electric signal. They are lightweight in design with a bright and easy-to-read LED display. The monitor output is available either as analog output or switch output.
  • ITV0090

  • VPC Pneumatic

Min. supply vacuum pressure:
Max. supply vacuum pressure:
Set pressure range:
Working temperature:

Product Description

 Product Feature

For the stepless control of vacuum pressure in proportion to electrical signals.

● Linearity: ±1% F.S. or less 

● Hysteresis: 0.5% F.S. or less 

● Repeatability: ±0.5% F.S. or less 

● High-speed response time: 0.1 s (Without load) 

● High stability — Sensitivity: 0.2% F.S. or less


ITV0090 Compact Vacuum Regulator Symbol

electronic vacuum regulatorelectronic vacuum regulator valve

* A DIN rail with the length specified by the number of stations is attached to the manifold. 

  For dimensions of the DIN rail, refer to the external dimensions.

Product Specification


Model ITV009□

Min. supply pressure

Set pressure -1 kPa
Max. supply pressure -101 kPa 
Set pressure range -1 to -100 kPa
Power supply Voltage DC24V±10%, DC12 to 15V
Current consumption

Power supply voltage DC24 V type: 0.12 A or less

Power supply voltage DC12 to 15 V type: 0.18 A or less

Input signal Voltage type DC0 to 5V, DC0 to 10V
Current type DC4 to 20mA, DC0 to 20mA (Sink type)
Input impedance Voltage type Approx. 10 kΩ
Current type Approx. 250 kΩ

Output signal*2)

Analog output

DC1 to 5 V (Output impedance: Approx. 1 kΩ) 

Output accuracy ±6% F.S. or less

Linearity ±1% F.S. or less
Hysteresis 0.5% F.S.  or less
Repeatability ±0.5% F.S.  or less
Sensitivity 0.2% F.S.  or less
Temperature characteristics ±0.12% F.S./℃ or less
Working temperature 0 to 50℃ (No condensation)
Enclosure IP65 equivalent*3)
Connection type Built-in One-touch fittings
Connection size For single  unit Metric size 1, 2, 3: Φ4
Inch size 1, 2, 3: Φ5/32"
Manifold Metric size 1, 3: Φ6, 2: Φ4
Inch size 1, 3: Φ1/4", 2: Φ5/32"
Weight*1) 100 g or less (Without options)

*1) Indicates the weight of a single unit 

For IITV00-n 

Total weight (g) ≤ Stations (n) × 100 + 130 (Weight of end block A, B assembly) + Weight (g) of DIN rail

*2) When measuring ITV analog output from 1 to 5 VDC, if the load impedance is less than 100 kΩ, the analog output monitor  accuracy of ±6% F.S. or less may not be available. 

The product with an accuracy of within ±6% is supplied upon your request. 

Output pressure remains unaffected.

*3) When using under the conditions equivalent to IP65, connect the fitting or tube to the breathing hole before use.

*4) When there is a downstream flow consumption, pressure may become unstable depending on piping conditions.  

*5) When the power is turned on, a noise may be generated. This noise is normal and does not indicate a fault.

 ITV009 Series

electronic vacuum regulator

Main Dimensions

 Main Dimensions

itv0090Compact Vacuum Regulatordigital vacuum regulator

*1) When using under the conditions equivalent to IP65,connect the fittings or tube to the breathing hole before use. 

*2) For dimensions of the cable connector, refer to single unit. 

electronic vacuum pressure regulator

Manifold stations n 2
3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
L1 60 75 90 105 120 135 150 165 180
L2 110.5
123 148 160.5 173 185.5 198 223 235.5
Weight of DIN rail [g] 20 22 27 29 31 34 36 41 43

*1) When using under the conditions   equivalent to IP65, connect the   fittings or tubing to the breathing   hole before use.

*2) For dimensions of the cable connector, refer to single unit.


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