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MSQ Series Rotary Table Rack & Pinion Cylinder

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  • The MSQ compact rotary table is ideal for material transfer applications. It incorporates load bearings and a mounting face with a rack-and-pinion style rotary actuator.
  • The seven sizes are 10, 20, 30, 50, 70, 100, and 200 with rotational adjustments from 0-190 degrees, and auto switch capability. Additional features include a hollow shaft and direct load mounting possibility.
  • MSQ
  • VPC pneumatic
  • 8412310090
Working medium:
Working pressure:
angle adjustment range:
Working temperature:

Product Description


Product Specifications

        Bore(mm)       10       20        30        50        70       100      200
     Working medium                                              Clean Air (40 μm filtration)
Working pressure range    A with adjustable angle screw:0.1~1.0Mpa,B with shock absorber:0.1~0.6Mpa
        Cushion type                   Cushion rubber cushion(standard)/shock absorber(optional)

Allowed power

with adjustable angle screw















with shock absorber    0.039J


   0.294J      1.1J      1.6J      2.9J
Angle adjustable range                                                                 0~190°

Steady swing time range

                       A      0.2~1.0S/90° 0.2~1.5S/90° 0.2~2.0S/90° 0.2~2.5S/90°
                       B      0.2~0.7S/90°                    0.2~1.0S/90°
     Piston diameter Ф15 Ф18 Ф21 Ф25 Ф28 Ф32 Ф40
           Port size
            M5X0.8                                               G1/8