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SU Type Plastic Silencer

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The high noise reduction style silencer SU keeps the noise level inside a plant below 85dB(A) with a noise reduction effect of 40dB(A). Series SU has a noise reduction effect of 38dB(A) and has a larger effective area with the same port size as series PSU. It is also available for common exhaust from manifolds.
  • SU-8
  • VPC Pneumatic
  • 39174000
Working medium:
Ambient & fluid temperature:
Noise reduction:
Maximum operating pressure:

Product Description

SU Type Silence

Working medium compressed air
Max operating pressure1.0Mpa
Noise reduction40 dB(A)
Ambient & fluid temperature5℃ to 60℃

Note 1) It indicates the inlet pressure for solenoid valve.

Note 2) The value may vary, depending on the pneumatic circuit or pressure that is exhausted from the solenoid valve.

Note 3) It can operate in temperature between-10 to 60°C if there is no risk of the moisture in the air freezing.

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