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VMPL-G Brass Male Thread Elbow Fitting with O-Ring

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  1. Compact and lightweight, the VMPL-G one-touch fitting uses electroless nickel plated brass components as standard specification. 
  2. VMPL-G fittings can be used with fluid, and in environments having a large temperature change. Applicable tube sizes are Ø3.2 to Ø16 and 1/8" to 1/2".
  3. VMPL-G Series is available with BSPP connection threads.
  • VMPL-10-G01
  • VPC Pneumatic
  • 39174000
Applicable tube:

Product Description

Internal Structure

brass one touch fitting

Applicable fluid type Air, Water(No Drinking Water),Vacuum
Working pressure range -14 to 150 PSI -0.99 to 10Bar
Working temperature range -4℉ to 160℉ -15℃ to 71℃
Vacuum rating 0 to 28''Hg
Recommanded tubings PA,PE,PU,FEP,PFA

Product Specifications

ModelTube Size(mm)Thread
VMPL4-G014G 1/8
VMPL4-G024G 1/4
VMPL6-G016G 1/8
VMPL6-G026G 1/4
VMPL6-G036G 3/8
VMPL6-G046G 1/2
VMPL8-G018G 1/8
VMPL8-G028G 1/4
VMPL8-G038G 3/8
VMPL8-G048G 1/2
VMPL10-G0110G 1/8
VMPL10-G0210G 1/4
VMPL10-G0310G 3/8
VMPL10-G0410G 1/2
VMPL12-G0112G 1/8
VMPL12-G0212G 1/4
VMPL12-G0312G 3/8
VMPL12-G0412G 1/2

Product Category

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