CJ2B Series Mini Cylinder

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  • CJ2B series double acting, single rod, smooth type air cylinders are available in 10 and 16mm bore sizes with stroke lengths from 15mm to 200mm.
  • Smooth type is perfect for low speed or low pressure applications. Available in 7 mounting types for versatility.
  • Optional features include port location and magnet for auto-switch capability. Pivot and rod end brackets can be ordered with the cylinder under one part number.
  • CJ2B
  • VPC Pneumatic
  • 8412310090
Acting type:
Guaranteed pressure:
Working temperature:
Working medium:
Speed range:

Product Description


Product Specifications

Working MediumClean Air(40µm Filteration)
Guarantee Pressure1.05Mpa
Max Working Pressure0.7Mpa
Min Working Pressure0.12Mpa0.06Mpa
Working Temperature-10 to 70℃
Speed Range50 to750mm/s
Cushion TypeRubber Cushion
Tolerance of Stroke±1.0mm

Main Dimensions