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ITVX2000 Series High Pressure Electro Pneumatic Regulator ITVX2000 Series High Pressure Electro Pneumatic Regulator
ITVX2000 Series High Pressure Electro Pneumatic Regulator ITVX2000 Series High Pressure Electro Pneumatic Regulator


ITVX2000 Series High Pressure Electro Pneumatic Regulator

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ITVX2000 Series high pressure electro-pneumatic regulator provides step-less air pressure control to an electrical signal. They have an easy-to-read digital pressure display and 3 W or less power consumption. ITVX Series has a 5.0 MPa maximum supply pressure.
  • ITVX2030

  • VPC Pneumatic

Max. supply pressure:
Set pressure range:
Maxi. flow rate:

Product Description

 Product Feature

Stepless control of air pressure proportional to an electrical signal

● Stepless control of air pressure in proportion to electric signals
● Sensitivity: 0.2 kPa (100 kPa specification)
● Linearity: ±1% or less (F.S.)
● Hysteresis: 0.5% or less (F.S.)
● Wetted parts: Fluorine grease


smc electronic pressure regulator

electronic vacuum regulator valve

Product Specification


Model ITVX2000
Min. supply pressure Whichever is higher: 0.5 MPa or the set pressure +0.2 MPa
Max. supply pressure 5MPa*2)
Set pressure range*3) 0.01 to 3.0MPa
Power supply Voltage DC24V±10%
Current consumption 0.12A or less
Input signal Current type*4) DC4 to 20mA, DC0 to 20mA (Sink type)
Voltage type DC0 to 5V, DC0 to 10V
Input impedance Current type 500Ω or less
Voltage type 6 to 6.5 kΩ(at ordinary temperature)

Output signal*5) 

(Monitor output)

Analog output

DC1 to 5 V (Output impedance: Approx. 1 kΩ) 

Output accuracy: ±6% or less (Full span)

DC4 to 20 mA (Sink type) Load impedance: 250Ω or less

Output accuracy: ±6% or less (Full span)

Switch output

NPN open collector output: Max. 30 V, 80 mA

Hysteresis: ±3% (Full span), Self-diagnosis: ±5% or less (Full span)

PNP open collector output: Max. 80 mA

Hysteresis: ±3% (Full span), Self-diagnosis: ±5% or less (Full span)

Linearity ±1% or less (Full span)
Hysteresis 1% or less (Full span)
Repeatability ±1% or less (Full span)
Sensitivity ±1% or less (Full span)
Temperature characteristics ±0.12% or less (Full span)/℃
Output pressure display Accuracy ±2% or less (Full span) ±1 digit
Min. unit *6) MPa: 0.01, kgf/cm²: 0.1, bar: 0.1, psi: 1
Working medium Air, N₂, O₂, Ar
Working temperature 0 to 50℃ (No condensation)
Weight Approx.570g (Without options)

*1) Characteristics shown above are based on the piping conditions of Fig. 1.


*2) When oxygen is used as a fluid, the maximum supply pressure must be less than 1 MPa.

*3) Refer to Fig. 2 for the relationship between set pressure and input signal.

*4) 2-wire type DC4 to 20 mA is not available. Power supply voltage DC24 V is required.

*5) Select either analog output or switch output. Further, when switch output is selected, select either NPN output or PNP output.

When measuring analog output of DC1 to 5 V with a load impedance less than 100 kΩ, the analog output may not obtain the output accuracy of ±6% or less (F.S.).

*6) Adjustment of numerical values such as the zero/span adjustment is set based on the minimum units for output pressure display.

Note that the unit cannot be changed.

*7) This product is only for blowing gas. This product does not have sufficient pressure control for applications other than blowing (driving, sealing, etc.).


electro pneumatic regulator

 Option/Accessory Type

Description Part No.
Flat bracket assembly (including mounting screws) P398020-600
L-bracket assembly (including mounting screws) P398020-601
Power cable connector Straight type 3 m P398020-500-3
Right angle type 3 m P398020-501-3

high pressure electro-pneumatic regulator

Main Dimensions

 Main Dimensions

smc electronic pressure regulator

smc electro pneumatic regulator


▲ Caution

Connect the cable to the connector on the body with the wiring arranged as shown below. 

Proceed carefully,as incorrect wiring can cause damage.

Further, use DC power with sufficient capacity and a low ripple.

festo electro pneumatic regulator

Note) The cable is also available in a right angle type. A right angle type connector is attached facing left (toward the SUP port).   Do not attempt to rotate, as the connector does not turn.

F.G. (Grounding)

Ground the frame ground (F.G.) terminal at the front of the main  body. If the F.G. terminal port is not used, this product may not  operate properly due to the noise.

smc itvx

Current Signal Type/Voltage Signal Type

1 Brown Power supply
2 White Input signal
4 Black Monitor output

smc itvx

 Monitor output wiring diagram

Digital Pneumatic Regulator 24 VDC


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