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PFA Tube

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PFA tube maintained its elasticity even under the low temperature, and still retained the good mechanical property under the high temperature. The impact and bending fatigue have extremely high resistance and chemical stability.
  • PFA0604
  • VPC Pneumatic
  • 391732000
Working medium:
Working temperature:
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Product Description

 Product Feature

PFA Tubing is a material that consists of an excellent chemical-resistant fluoropolymer. This also has good heat resistance and is suitable for various applications. Such as Food and Chemical industries.

PFA tubing

Product Specifications

MaterialTetrafluoroethylene perfluoroalkoxy vinyl ether copolymer
Fluid admittedAir, Inert gas, Water
Environment and fluid temperature﹣65°C to 260°C, 0 to 100°C(Water, No freezing)

Main Dimensions

fluoropolymer hose

Model D1 (mm) D2 (mm) Max. Working Pressure at 20℃ (bar) Length (m/roll)
PFA0425 4 2.5 17 200
PFA0604 6 4 15 200
PFA0806 8 6 10 100
PFA1008 10 8 7 100
PFA1210 12 10 6 100

Note:Other sizes can be offered,please contact with us.


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