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VK300 Series 3 Port Solenoid Valve, Direct Operated Poppet

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The VK series is available as 3 and 5 port solenoid, direct poppet, rubber seal valve. It meets copper free specifications as all parts in contact with fluids are made of non-copper materials. A compact valve (width 18 x length 68mm), the VK series is available in a body ported or base mounted style.

  • VK332

  • VPC Pneumatic

  • 8412909000

connection ports:
Stations on manifold:
Quality warranty:

Product Description

Product Feature

1. Universal porting: Available for N. C. valve, N .O. valve,  divider valve, selector valve, etc. 

2. Compact: Width 18×Length 63 (mm) 

3. Low power consumption: DC 4W (Standard type), DC 2W (Low wattage type) 

5. Suitable for use in vacuum applications -101.2kpa 

6. Suitable for use in copper-free applications 

The portions that come in contact with flfluids do not contain copper, thus enabling the standard product to be used as is.


smc pneumatic

vk300 solenoid valve

Product Specifications

Common Specifications

Modle VK332 VK332Y VK332E VK332V VK332W
Working medium Clean air
Acting type Direct acting type
Ways 2 Position 3 Port
Working temperature -5 to 50℃ (No freezing)
Response time (at 0.5MPa) 10ms or less (Standard), 15ms or  less (low power consumption type)
Manual override Non-locking push type
Lubrication Not required (Use turbine oil class 1 ISO VG32, if lubricated.)
Mounting orientation Unrestricted
Imapact/Vibration resistance 300/50 m/s²
Enclosure Dustproof

 Solenoid Specifications

Electrical entry Grommet (G), DIN terminal (D)
Rated voltage (V) AC 100, 110, 200, 220, 240
DC 12, 24
Allowable voltage fluctuation ±10% of rated voltage
Apparent power (AC) Standard type Inrush 9.5 VA/50 Hz, 8 VA/60 Hz
Holding 7 VA/50 Hz, 5 VA/60 Hz
Continuous duty type Inrush 3.5 VA/50 Hz, 303 VA/60 Hz
Holding 3 VA/50 Hz, 2.8 VA/60 Hz
Power consumption (DC)

W/o indicator light

4W (Standard), 2W(Low power consumption type)
W/ indicator light 4.3W (Standard), 2.3W (Low power consumption type)
Surge voltage suppressor AC Varistor
DC Diode(Varistor for 12 VDC or less)
Indicator light AC
Neon bulb

* At the rated voltage

 Flow Rate Characteristics

smc solenoid valve

Main Dimensions

VK330 solenoid valve dimensions

Product FAQ

Q1. Do solenoid valves fail open or closed?

Normally closed or normally open refers to the position of the solenoid when the coil is de-energized. A normally closed solenoid will block the air supply from the actuator when the coil is de-energized. Normally open solenoids allow an open path for the air supply to reach the actuator when the coil is de-energized.

Q2. Solenoid valve doesn't open / close properly?

Check power supply and make sure voltage and frequency are correct. Also check the connections. Check if flow direction matches with the indicators on the valve body or matches within limits as specified in the valve manual.

Q3. What the most common solenoid valve problems?

Common solenoid problems include plungers that are stuck either in or out, attached valves that are frozen in place, bad internal coil windings, and excessive noise during operation. Some of these problems are the result of internal solenoid issues, while others are typically caused by external components.

Q4. When should a solenoid valve be replaced?

As a general rule of thumb, if your solenoid valve show signs of wear or damage, then it is likely time for a replacement.

Q5. Solenoid valve troubleshoot

Check if the power supply is correct and the coil can dissipate heat by ventilation. Install a new coil and never power the coil when not mounted on the valve. Check for moisture within and replace if necessary. Replace any damaged or bent armatures as well, and check media compatibility with your valve.


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