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VPC Series 3/2way Compact Direct Acting Solenoid Valve VPC Series 3/2way Compact Direct Acting Solenoid Valve


VPC Series 3/2way Compact Direct Acting Solenoid Valve

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  1. Normal close, available body: Brass (standard), SS304 SS316 (optional).
  2. Multiple seals are available for different medium.
  3. Wide size range from1/8" to 1/4", with thread.
  • VPC23001-08

  • VPC Pneumatic

Working medium:
Control Type:
Working temperature:
Ambient temperature:
Body Material:

Product Description

 Product Feature

1. Direct acting and normally closed type 3/2 way solenoid valve. Its high sensibility allows it to change direction quickly.

2. Direct acting and compact small valve has an orifice 1 to 2mm.

3. Explosion-proof coil, cooling energy-saving coils/connector, and timing switch optional.

4. It is compact, small and lightweight. Easy to install and dismantle.


3 2 solenoid valve

Product Specifications

Acting typeDirect acting type
Control typeNormal close
Thread typeG (Standard), NPT, Rc plate connection (Optional)
Working mediumAir, Water, Neutral fluid
Medium viscosity≤21mm²/s
Valve bodyBrass
Seal materialNBR
Working temperature-10~110℃
Ambient temperature-10~50°C (Explosion-proof: -20~40℃)
Rated voltageAC220V(50-60Hz), DC24V (0Hz)
Voltage range± 10%
MountingKeep the coil facing up
OptionalExplosion-proof, cooling energy-saving coils/connector, timing switch

ModelOrificeJoint sizeWorking pressureKV value
VPC23001-061.0 mmG1/8"0~2.0 MPa0.02 m³/h
VPC23016-061.6 mmG1/8"0~1.6 MPa0.02 m³/h
VPC23002-062.0 mmG1/8"0~1.0 MPa0.08 m³/h
VPC23003-063.0 mmG1/8"0~0.6MPa0.16 m³/h
VPC23001-081.0 mmG1/4"0~2.0 MPa0.02 m³/h
VPC23016-081.6 mmG1/4"0~1.6 MPa0.02 m³/h
VPC2302-082.0 mmG1/4"0~1.0 MPa0.08 m³/h
VPC2303-083.0 mmG1/4"0~0.6 Mpa0.16 m³/h
VPC231501-M1.0 mmPanel mounting0~2.0 Mpa0.02 m³/h
VPC231502-M2.0 mmPanel mounting0~1.0 Mpa0.08 m³/h

Main Dimensions

small solenoid valve


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