VSV Series 10mm Micro Solenoid Valve

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  • High molecular weight polyester material with memory performance;
  • High and low temperature resistance;
  • Long service life, reach more than 150 million times;
  • Widely used in the textile, medical, electronics, oxygen concentrated, lung ventilators, respirators and so on.
  • VSV23-10V
  • VPC Pneumatic
  • 8412909000
Acting type:
Working pressure:
Working temperature:
Response time:
Rated voltage:

Product Description

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Product Specifications

Model VSV10-V VSV10-H VSV10-C
Working medium Clean Air(40µm filteration)
Acting type 3/2 N.C                   3/2N.O
Working Pressure 0 to 0.7Mpa
Working temperature -5 to 50°c
Orifice Size 1.0mm( R port ) / 0.75mm( P port )
Lubrication No
Flow rate at 6bar and △p=1bar

P1→P2 16NL/mi

n P2→P3 23NL/min

Response time Less than 10ms
Nominal Voltage DC24V/AC220v
Voltage Range Rated voltage:±10%
Duty cycle ED 100%
Max Working Frequency 30HZ
Insulation Class H Class
Degree of protection IP50
Life time expectancy More than 50 millions times
Coil Type Vertical Type
Horizontal Type Pin Type

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Main Dimensions

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