AC20A-D to AC60A-D Series Air Preparation Units (2 Combination) AC20A-D to AC60A-D Series Air Preparation Units (2 Combination)


AC20A-D to AC60A-D Series Air Preparation Units (2 Combination)

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Series AC-D FRL unit is a modular 2-combination of the AW filter regulator and AL lubricator, and can be optionally equipped with pressure gauges, digital pressure switches, pressure relief 3-port valves, and IS pressure switches. The AC-D has a max. set pressure of 125 psi and can be used in a wide range of applications.
  • AC40A-04E-V-D

  • VPC Pneumatic

Working medium:
Nominal filtration rating:
Working temperature:
Proof pressure:
Max. Operating pressure:

Product Description

 Product Feature

Most of the features of the AC-A and AC-B have been incorporated into the AC-D clear bowl shroud for complete visibility; embedded gauges and pressure switches; reduced maintenance space and simplified element replacement for the AF-D series filters.

1. Modular design with uniform body style. Mounting interchangeable with existing product

2. Extended range of pipe adapters, interfaces and modular pressure switches.

3. Easy element replacement. Element and bowl are one piece. Replacement can be done manually.

4. Energy saving regulator. Pressure drop: Max. 50% improvement

5. Reduced maintenance space: Max. 46% reduction

6. Rc, NPT or G threads available.

Order Example: 

Option/Semi-standard: Select one each for a to j

Option/Semi-standard symbol:  When more than one specification is required, indicate in  alphanumeric order.

Model: AC30A-F03DE1-16NR-D


filter regulator lubricator

Filter Regulator Lubricator Pneumatic

*1) Drain guide is NPT1/8 (applicable to the AC20A-D) and NPT1/4 (applicable to the AC30A-D to AC60A-D). The auto drain port comes with a Φ3/8"   One-touch fitting (applicable to the AC30A-D to AC60A-D). 

*2) Drain guide is G1/8 (applicable to the AC20A-D) and G1/4 (applicable to the AC30A-D to AC60A-D). 

*3) When pressure is not applied, condensate which does not start the auto drain mechanism will be left in the bowl. Releasing the residual condensate  before ending operations for the day is recommended. 

*4) If the compressor is small [0.75 kW, discharge flow is less than 100 L/min (ANR)], air leakage from the drain cock may occur during the  start of operations. N.C. type is recommended. 

*5) When the pressure gauge is attached, a 1.0 MPa pressure gauge will be fitted for standard (0.85 MPa) type. 0.4 MPa pressure gauge for 0.2 MPa type. 

*6) Pressure can be set higher than the specification pressure in some cases, but use pressure within the specification range. 

*7) A bowl guard is provided as standard equipment (polycarbonate). 

*8) A bowl guard is provided as standard equipment (nylon). 

*9) The combination of float type auto drain C and D is not available. 

*10) Without a valve function. 

*11) The combination of metal bowl 2 and 8 is not available. 

*12) When choosing with W: Filter regulator drain port, the drain cock of a lubricator will be with barb fittings. 

*13) For the pipe thread type: NPT

  Cannot be used with M: Round type pressure gauge (with color zone). Available by request for special.The digital pressure switch will be equipped  with the unit selection function, setting to psi initially. 

*14) For options: E1, E2, E3, E4 

*15) : For the pipe thread type: NPT only. 

*16) △: Select with options: E1, E2, E3, E4.

Product Specifications


ComponentFilter regulator[AW]AW20-DAW30-DAW40-DAW40-06-DAW50-DAW60-D
Port size1/8, 1/41/4, 3/81/4, 3/8, 1/23/43/4, 11
Pressure gauge port size *1) [AW]1/8
Working mediumClean Air
Working temperature*2)-5 to 60°C (No freezing)
Proof pressure1.5Mpa
Max. Operating pressure1.0Mpa
Auto drain minimum  operating pressureN.C. [AW]0.1MPa0.15MPa
N.O. [AW]0.1MPa
Set pressure range [AW]0.05 to 0.85Mpa
Nominal filtration rating [AW]5 µm
Compressed air purity class*3)ISO 8573-1:2010 [ 6 : 4 : − ]*4)
Drain capacity [AW]8 cm³ 25 cm³
45 cm³ 

Min. dripping flow rate*5) [AL]

15 L/min (ANR)

Port size 1/4:  30 L/min (ANR)

Port size 3/8:  40 L/min (ANR)

Port size 1/4:  30 L/min (ANR)

Port size 3/8:  40 L/min (ANR)

Port size 1/2:  50 L/min (ANR)

50 L/min (ANR)190 L/min (ANR)220 L/min (ANR)
Oil capacity [AL]25 cm³55 cm³135 cm³
Recommended lubricant [AL]Class 1 turbine oil (ISO VG32)
Bowl material [AW/AL]Polycarbonate
Bowl guard [AF/AL]Semi-standard (Steel)Standard (Polycarbonate)
Construction [AW]Relieving type

*1) Pressure gauge connection threads are not available for F.R.L. unit with a square embedded type pressure gauge or with a digital pressure switch. 

*2) -5 to 50°C for the products with the digital pressure switch. 

*3) The compressed air purity class is indicated based on ISO 8573-1:2010 Compressed air – Part 1: Contaminants and purity classes. 

*4) The compressed air quality class on the inlet side is [ 7 : 4 : 4 ]. 

*5) The flow rate is 5 drops or greater/min under the following conditions: Inlet pressure of 0.5 MPa; Class 1 turbine oil (ISO VG32); Temperature at 20°C;   Oil adjustment valve fully open.  For a circuit that repeatedly turns ON and OFF on the outlet side, make the adjustment so that the average air consumption per minute becomes the  minimum dripping flow rate or more.

Main Dimensions

 Main Dimensions

pneumatic frl unit

smc frl unit

auto drain air filter regulator

air preparation unit

   With Pressure Relief 3-Port Valve (V) 

frl unit in pneumatic system

frl smc

smc auto drain water trap

frl filter regulator lubricator


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