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Accuair VU4 Air Ride Suspension Valve Block

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1. The VU4 manifold is outfitted with NPT or G thread fittings on all ports to easily install your air suspension system plumbing.
2. Using the import Deutsch & Molex connector and Pre-wiring;
3. Inflates and deflates up to (4) individual Air Springs;
4. Factory Direct, Support logo, colour, size, package customization;
5. Good replacement to Accuair AA-VU4 Air suspension valve block and Robbion Type solenoid valve.
  • VU4
  • VPC Pneumatic
  • 8481802190
Port Size:
Quality Warranty:
Applicable car models:

Product Description

 Product Specifications

Compatiable Suspension Type
4-Corner Full Air Suspension
Voltage Requirements
10.5 to 16 Volts
Current Requirements
1.1 Amps (for each of the (8) Valves)
IP67 certified (immersion up to 3 ft)
Fitting Size
3/8”NPT x 4 , 1/4” NPT x 2
No. of Inlet Ports
No. of Exhaust Ports
Max Operating Pressure
Cv Flow Factor
Average Adjustment Time
2.2 Seconds (from 10% to 50% of travel)

* VU4 valve block applicable for truck, vw transporter, ford transit, motorhomes, land rover defender, bmw, range rover etc cars.

 Main Dimensions

accuair vu4 wiring diagram

vu4 manifold diagram

 Product Description

· VU4 valve block function

Air suspension solenoid valves are electronic valves that open and close to fill or vent each airbag. A single valve will control each corner of your air suspension system. The valves are integrated into a valve manifold and are installed between the compressor and the airbags.

· VU4 valve block work principle

These " gates " allow air to flow from your air tank to your airbags through the airline. Our valves are normally closed, and air can't pass through until the valve is activated with 12-volt power from your toggle switch, controller, or switch box.

Air Suspension Control Valves automatically control the vehicle's ride height by inflating and deflating the air suspension bellows to adjust for variations between loaded and unloaded vehicles.

· VU4 valve block reason for stopping work

Over time its O-rings can dry rot, causing damage to the compressor via air leaks and overworking, along with moisture damage to the electrical solenoid components.

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