VFR Series Filter Regulator Combinations

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The VFR is filter and pressure regulator combine a single unit,and cleans the compressed air of fluidoil,condensation and dirt particles.
For specialapplication,20μm filter element can be replaced by a 5 μm filter element.
The VR maintain imputting constantoperating pressure despite fluctuation in line pressure and the amount of air consumed.
  • VFR400-08
  • VPC Pneumatic
  • 8421399000
Working medium:
Working temperature:
Pressure adjusting range:
Filter precision:
Bowl material:

Product Description

VFR Air preparation unit -order code

Product Specifications


Working mediumAir
Joint pipe borePS1/8"PS1/4"PS1/4"PS3/8"PS1/2"PS3/4"
Filtering grade25μm or 5μm
Pressure range

0.15 to 0.8MPa/0.15 to 1.6MPa(20 to 145Psi)

Proof pressure1.0Mpa/1.6MPa(230Psi)
Max Pressure0.8MPa/1.1MPa(145Psi)
Temperature5 to 60℃
Drain bowl capacity15cc80cc230cc

Main Dimensions

VFR Air preparation unit -Main Dimensions