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VPC Pneumatic Components in the Bottle Blowing Machines

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VPC Pneumatic part is used in many places during the operation of blow molding machine, from feeding - locking - stretching - high pressure blowing-deflation - taking the bottle, this series of actions are all assisted by pneumatic equipment. Such as stretching the high-pressure blowing and deflating circuit, according to below graph, we can see that the gas circuit is divided into two parts, the normal pressure part and the high pressure part.


Recommend pneumatic components

1.SLG5404 High Pressure Solenoid Valve:

Feature: Big flow, high pressure, long life.

2.VP23-15P2 High Pressure Solenoid Valve

Feature: High pressure high flow,less response time,no lubrication.

3.CJ2B16x25S Stainless Steel Pneumatic Cylinder

Feature:Stainless steel material, long serving life, no leakage, with excellent lubrication, compact size and oil storage.

4.CP96 Series ISO15552 Pneumatic Cylinder

Feature:Higher accuracy, longer life and less noise.

5.CY1 Series Rodless Cylinder

Feature:Piston moves with magnetic coupling force transmission outside the slider,without piston rod, less space,supporting longer stroke than normal cylinder.

6.MSQ Series Rotary Cylinder

Feature:Built-in magnetic ring for magnetic switch. With angle adjustment unit, can adjust the angle at 0-180°.

7.MHZ Series Air Gripper Cylinder

Feature:With the increase of pressure, it improves the sealing performance automatically and can last for a long time.

8.AC Series Air Preparation Unit

Feature:The filter element and the filter bowl are integrated for easy replacement. Energy efficient.

9.Pneumatic Silencer

Feature:Bronze Exhaust Muffler made of copper, high pressure resistant, not easy to rust, not easy to trip, better noise reduction.

10.Air Hose

Feature:Pretty high intensity, abrasion resistant and long service life, Small bending radius.Light weight ,good elasticity,100% new material.


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