VFC Series FRL Combinations

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-The VFC consisted of VFR and VL,each unit can be ordered separately.
-The VF with water separator cleans the compressed air of fluid oil,condensation and dirt particles.For special application,20μm filter element can be replaced a by 5 μ m filter element.The VR maintain computing constant operating pressure despite fluctuation in line pressure and the amount of air consumed.
-The proportional lubricator adds a regulated quantity of oil to the filtered air.The oil mist content proportional to the flow and oil can be added during operation.The oil drip rate is controlled by the adjustable bolt.Normally, 1 to 12 drops/1000L of the air is sufficient.
  • VFC400-08
  • VPC Pneumatic
  • 8421399000
Working medium:
Working temperature:
Pressure adjusting range:
Filter precision:
Bowl material:

Product Description

VFC-Air filter regulator

Product Specifications


Working mediumAir
Joint pipe borePS1/8"PS1/4"PS1/4"PS3/8"PS1/2"PS3/4"
Filtering grade25μm or 5μm
Pressure range

0.15 to 0.8MPa/0.15 to 1.6MPa(20 to 145Psi)

Proof pressure1.0Mpa/1.6MPa(230Psi)
Max Pressure0.8MPa/1.1MPa(145Psi)
Temperature5 to 60℃
Drain bowl capacity15cc80cc230cc
Oil bowl capacity30cc160cc380cc
Recommend LubricantISO VG 32 or equivalent

Main Dimensions

VFC FRL- Main Dimensions